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Modern Rustc Living
Consumer Notices

It is important that consumers understand their rights as well as the potential for challenges when buying or selling Real Estate.  In an effort to provide full disclosure, we are providing these "Consumer Notices" to our clients and friends so that you may better understand the challenges associated with the following categories.  If we referenced a specific "Consumer Notice" in a contract and/or in any correspondence with you, you may find the supporting documents below.  Please review this information and feel free to reach back out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.  

As always, we may be contacted by phone, text or email as follows:

Special Stipulations (Applies to Any and/or All Transactions - See Below)

MRL01 - SPECIAL NOTICE TO BUYER BROKERS:  The Modern Rustic Living Team at Coldwell Banker High Country Realty believes it is important for Sellers to provide incentives to any Buyer Broker that brings us a buyer of our listed properties.  Toward that endeavor, we will share our commissions upon successfully closing a transaction with any Buyers Broker/Agent that brings us a buyer.  Unless otherwise notified in writing before closing, the Modern Rustic Living Team will agree to share our commission with the Buyers Broker as follows:

  • 3% of sales price for homes

  • 5% of sales price for land (tracts, lots & vacant land)

  • 5% of sales price for commercial properties


MRL02 - SPECIAL NOTICE TO BUYER CLIENT:  While Broker/Agent may guide and advise a Client to some degree, Client acknowledges it is their own responsibility to investigate and assess the suitability and condition of the property.   Broker advises buyers generally to at least procure or review a survey, a septic or sewer issues report, and confirm water source and quality.  This should all be done prior to the end of the due diligence period and if an inspection is needed to provide said report, this should be ordered by the Buyer prior to the end of due diligence.  

MRL03 - INSUFFICIENT CO-OP COMMISSIONS: Customer/Client acknowledges ultimate responsibility to compensate Broker for services.  In the rare, but possible, situation where the Buyer’s Broker encounters a listing offering them a co-op commission less than the minimum agreed to per A.4.b., page 1 of the Brokerage Engagement Agreement, Buyer authorizes the Broker to use their own judgment in showing or not showing such properties to Buyer.  While the Buyer may choose not to engage with an agreement to purchase a property that does not offer a Co-Op Commission equal to or greater than agreed in the Buyers Broker Agreement, if such property is shown and purchased, Buyer will be invoiced for and pay any commission shortfall.

MRL04 - SHORT TERM RENTALS: Buyer is informed that Union County, GA, City of  Blue Ridge, Fannin County, GA, and possibly other local area governing authorities have enacted ordinances regulating the business of short-term rentals (STRs).  If Buyer expects to use the purchased property for STR, or is concerned about the effect of such potential restrictions on future marketability or value, then the buyer is advised to and agrees it is their responsibility make an inquiry with the local authorities prior to making an offer to purchase.

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