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Buy or Build & How Budget plays a role in deciding which is best for you...

How Much Do You Want To Spend?

How much you want to spend can play a major role in the process of deciding to buy or build. In a stable Real Estate market, the cost to design and build a custom home can easily cost over $400,000, so if your budget is less you might want to consider an existing home instead of building.  If you're budget is more than $400,000 a Design/Build option is available to you. The Design/Build process can be exciting when you have the right team in place to help you navigate through any challenges along the way. It is important to select an Architect or Architectural Designer that can deliver both the style of home you want as well as a design that is structurally efficient. Modern Rustic Living is partnered with several design professionals and can help you navigate through these challenges to find the right person to design your new home.

Where do we start?

A wise man once said the smartest guy in business is the one that surrounds himself with people smarter than himself. Buying or building a new home is no different. Finding someone that has been down this road before and that has your best interest in mind is a good place to start. The professionals at Modern Rustic Living can help you with this challenge and guide you through the process.

The next step is to begin the process of securing financing (unless you plan to pay cash in which case you can skip this step). There are many types of loans available today and equally as many lenders. Consider consulting with your New Home Concierge at Modern Rustic Living to help pair you with the right lender to meet your specific loan requirements. You may also wish to review our Financing Page at this link.

To learn more, here are a few links that may be helpful:

Joe Folsom,Modern Rustic Living New Home Concierge 


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